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Introducing a way to build relationships, keep your business top of mind, and grow your revenue through automated two-way text messages.

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Business growth

Whether it’s a simple appointment reminder text message, or a recall for a client that you haven’t seen in a while, regular communication is the key to business growth

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Maximize efficiency

Wired Client is entirely automated so you and your staff don’t have to spend time worrying about whether or not you remembered to send your messages.

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Reputation management

Offers an integrated survey that helps you keep track of your Net Promoter Score, while driving positive reviews to your Google My Business page and social media channels.

How it Works

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Decide what you want to say, and when. From appointment reminders to holiday or birthday greetings, to milestone congratulations, to post-appointment surveys and reactivating dormant accounts - just write it, schedule it and forget about it. Your message will go out automatically.

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Should your clients reply to a text message, you’ll be notified in the Wired Client app. Your staff can then text back to continue the conversation - and it’s all logged!

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Use Wired Client to help you bring dormant clients back into the fold. Automatically send out a text reminder that you’re checking in if they haven’t been in for a while or have cancelled without re-booking. Growing your revenue and enhancing client satisfaction without investing time or manpower is that easy!

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  • Customize text message templates to suit your business
  • Use a variety of tokens to give your message templates a personal touch
  • Events are where you define the conditions that need to be met for the message to be sent
  • Events can be based on a number of triggers, such as: the client’s next appointment date, last visit date without rebook, last cancellation, birthday, a specific date, an annual date, a start date, a discharge date, a visit count, and more
  • Campaigns provide a way to group your messages together so that multiple messages can be assigned to a client in a click of a button
  • Campaigns are entirely customizable, so that you can create different campaigns for different groups of clients
  • Receive a locally area-code number from which you can send your text messages
  • Your message templates will appear as if someone sent a text message from their phone
  • Patients can reply to the text message, and you can respond from within Wired Client to continue the conversation
  • Send surveys to clients following their visit and get a handle on your Net Promoter Score
  • Clients who respond positively will be directed towards your review sites where they can write a testimonial


$49 Per month

Includes 3000 text message segments


Wired Client APIs (Application programming interfaces) can be used by third-party CRM systems to transfer and manage. Staff or client records in the Wired Client system.

REST stands for Representational State Transfer.It is an architectural style for developing web services. The term REST API is used here to refer to an API accesses via HHT protocol at a predefined set of system URLs.


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