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Send Customizable Automated Text Messages to Your Clients

Build better customer relationships with Wired Client, your all-in-one business text messaging solution. Our automated texting app allows you to create and send customizable text messages to your clients. Keep your business top of mind, send appointment reminders, creative effective SMS marketing campaigns and more!

Learn how our business texting service can help grow your business.

Reach More Clients with Automated SMS Messages

Playing phone tag isn’t fun. There’s an easier way to get in touch with your clients when you need to reach them most. The Wired Client provides businesses with an automated, customizable application that can send professional SMS messages and keep your business top of mind.

Build Better Relationships with Customizable SMS Campaigns

Create different Campaigns for different audiences. Whether it’s regular reminders for a patient on a treatment plan, a promotional message for an occasional customer, or someone you haven’t seen for a while, you can tailor your Campaigns specifically for them. Continue the conversation with them when they reply using our intuitive SMS messenger.

Wired Client’s Key Features

Business Text Messaging for Every Industry

No matter the industry of your business, it’s important to stay connected to your customers. That’s why we offer automated text messaging solutions for all types of businesses:

Text Messaging Software Pricing

Includes 3,000 text message segments.

Starting at $55 per month

What our clients are saying

Learn More in Our Users’ Guide

Dive right in with a detailed look at all of the available features in our business text messaging application. From setting up custom Message Templates and Campaigns to sending Broadcasts, leave no stone unturned by reading our Users’ Guide.

API Integration

Wired Client APIs (application programming interfaces) can be used by third-party CRM systems to transfer and manage staff or client records in the Wired Client system.

REST stands for Representational State Transfer. It is an architectural style for developing web services. The term REST API is used here to refer to an API accessed via HHT protocol at a predefined set of system URLs.

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